Cutest idea for a toddler busy book, fabric pages + old baby clothes that button/zip/buckle

Old clothes to practice snapping, zippering, and buttoning.

Quiet book idea - zip up and a page zipping upside down, like your own POV of your jacket

DIY Busy Board! laces, buckle, velcro, zipper, button, etc.

Quiet Book

art folio, to keep the little one quiet..and quite occupied.

Clothing 'quiet book'

Really cute Kid's Kitchen/Diner made out of an old entertainment center.

Whispers and other things quiet: My Book of Games Cat build a quiet book activity page

snaps and buckles quiet book page

DIY (actually someone else could make this for me because it's way to creative for me!) Quiet Activity Book

DIY quite book

Quiet book Idea with buckles, zippers, buttons, snaps, braiding hair, shoes. All about getting dressed. Super cute

quiet book With template, so making this 2013

Quiet book for the kids

Cute ideas for felt quiet books

super cute felt quiet book

Great ideas for quiet books Camille's Casa: quiet book

Cat construir uma tranquila página atividade livro

time out stool