Cutest idea for a toddler busy book, fabric pages + old baby clothes that button/zip/buckle

how to make a quiet book

Quiet Book Patterns: 25 Easy-to-Make Activities for Your Children (CD Included). Keep the smile on your child's face while putting an end to noisy escapades. No need to stifle curiosity or squelch creativity; this guide helps you put together the perfect quiet-time book for car rides, waiting rooms, and church meetings. Even amateur crafters can create custom-made activities that are sure to keep your childrens' brains active and their hands happy.

Quiet Book

Quiet book idea - zip up and a page zipping upside down, like your own POV of your jacket

Amazing idea...especially the wipes as Leah loves taking all the wipes out of the box!

Really cute Kid's Kitchen/Diner made out of an old entertainment center.

Old clothes to practice snapping, zippering, and buttoning.

wow this is cool!

Bucilla Cute-A-Saurus Quiet Book Stamped Cross Stitch KitBucilla Cute-A-Saurus Quiet Book Stamped Cross Stitch Kit,

Must have!!! Quiet book. Buttons, zippers, snaps, counting, weaving, beading, learning!

The 100 Hour Quiet Book: A detailed look at the 22-page quiet book I made my son for Christmas, complete with references of where to find each page's pattern!

Quiet book ideas! Free templates. This would be a MOM project as i dont have the patience for this.

Children's Quiet Book Busy Book Eco friendly by MiniMoms on Etsy

art folio, to keep the little one quiet..and quite occupied.


Whispers and other things quiet: My Book of Games

Star Tracing Button Geoboard page for Your Very Own by MonoNoAvare, $10.00

Super cute busy book

quiet book ideas