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    The blue-eyed black lemur is the only primate besides humans to have blue eyes.

    Black Crested Macaque

    Celebes Crested Macaque

    ring tailed lemurs


    Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque @ Durrell Wilflife Conservation Trust

    Proboscis Monkey

    male gelada baboon of Ethiopian highlands

    Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)

    Eastern gorilla (Gorilla beringei)


    The endangered Drill monkey has an extremely limited range in Africa.

    "In the far northeastern corner of Madagascar, the two most critically endangered sifakas cling to survival - the jet-black Perrier's sifaka is the rarest of them all." Madagascar Wildlife;

    Madagascar, Sifaka

    Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

    Susan Myers- Spectral Tarsier

    Susan Myers- Sulawesi Black Macaque

    Gelada Baboon

    Red Ruffed Lemur - Varecia rubra

    Golden Snub-nosed monkey China - endangered

    Cherry-crowned Mangabey (Cercocebus torquatus)


    Francois' Langur

    Rhinopithecus bieti There are just about 2,000 snub-nosed monkeys left in the wild. They live in a tiny part of a forest in China's Yunnan Province