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  • Graham Jackson

    Meet Pachyloidellus goliath, your average Daddy Long Legs' metal cousin from the tropics

  • Maxine

    Tropical harvestman (Pachyloidellus goliath)

  • Michelle Moreno

    Pachyloidellus goliath …a species of tropical harvestman that is native to Argentina in South America. P.goliath is mainly active at night and is a generalist predator and has been observed feeding mostly on earthworms and a variety small insects. Like other harvestmen species when threatened P.goliath can secrete a defensive secretion which produces a strong odor in attempt to deter potential predators. Also known as a walking nightmare

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Harvestman in Valdivian rainforest South AmericaChileLake districtLos LagosnaturenobodyValdiviatemperatefaunaOpilionesinsectrain forestanimalwildlifeharvestmanspider Photographer: Gerhard Huedepohl Country: Chile © copyright 2010 Gerhard Huedepohl - all rights reserved

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