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Pachyloidellus goliath …a species of tropical harvestman that is native to Argentina in South America.

Pink Dragon Millipede (Desmoxytes purpurosea) is a spiny and toxic millipede aptly named for its bright pink color. It was discovered in Thailand in 2007. These adult millipedes are approximately 3 cm long and live in the open on leaf litter. The millipedes have glands that produce hydrogen cyanide to protect them from predators.

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Living With Spiders

Marbled orb weaver spider (araneus marmoreus) from America. Photo by J Neal.


Giant Spider Species Discovered in Middle Eastern Sand Dunes

Giant Spider Species Discovered in Middle Eastern Sand Dunes (Cerbalus aravensis)

The Horsehead Grasshopper is from the jungles of Ecuador and Peru. It looks like a stick insect and has the diet of a stick insect (foliage, tree leaves) but it is actually a real grasshopper.

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Bizarre 'Troll-Haired' Insect Is Totally Wild!

'Troll-Haired' Insect Discovered In Remote Suriname Rainforest Is Totally Wild

Newly discovered species of moth that mimics a spider — called the Lygodium Spider Moth (Siamusotima aranea) because it feeds on Lygodium species, an invasive Old World climbing fernit is so named for feeding on this plant. It has wings in a design pattern resembling spider legs, which is intended to scare off predators.


Species from Suriname

The females of this species of orb-weaving spider (Micrathena cyanospina) are very large and are adorned with an incredibly long pair of metallic blue spines. Males, in contrast, are tiny.

The West African Togo Starburst baboon spider, Heteroscodra maculate. Too bad they hide all the time. They are a beautiful species...I would LOVE TO HAVE ONE