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"The Mistborn" trilogy by Brandon Sanderson is a recent favorite of mine. I was first introduced to Sanderson when he was chosen to finish the WoT series. "The Mistborn" series has the most interesting and unique form of magic I have seen in a long time. It is based on the consumption and "burning" of metals and alloys. It is a good break from the traditional wave-your-hand-and-speak-words forms of magic common in fantasy novels. It also contains a number of new and unique types of creatures.

The reason for two of my tattoos! Great story line throughout the trilogy. Highly recommended for fantasy lovers.

Mistborn, one of the greatest series ever!

Another great book by Brandon Sanderson. 2nd in the series after "Mistborn". I can't put these books down. Great characters. Brandon Sanderson is now in my top 3 authors along with Terry Goodkind and Orson Scott Card.

Mistborn: Hero of Ages,, Brandon Sanderson

The Hero of Ages - Book Three of Mistborn

BOOK hangover- what do you mean I have to wait 3 years for the next book in the series?

Mistborn - Vin by *Inkthinker on deviantART

Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck My daughter gave me a signed edition since Colleen used to be her co-worker. I have this and the second saga on kindle

Mistborn characters! I love Spook!!!

25 Series to read if you love the Hunger Games I've read a few should look into the rest.