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Woman's Petticoat | LACMA Collections

Villarceaux -17th century court dress by olivier henry (this isn't really 17th Century-right?)

Court Dress of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna State Historical Museum, Moscow Reign 1741-1762

Petticoat Date: 18th century Culture: European Medium: silk Dimensions: Width: 110 in. (279.4 cm) Diameter: 36 in. (91.4 cm) Credit Line: Museum Accession Accession Number: X.279

Gown From Plunkett and Mcclean.

18th century baroque dress

Bodice Date: 18th century Culture: French

The back of the gown is created as one of those rare surviving sacques the "Robe ala Piemontaise".

so beautiful!

Detail Back of jacket bodice (date?)

Imatex - excellent detail of back, with lace for trim, plus interesting construction of the skirts and tail

Imatex - no date (my guess- 1780s.)

Imatex - lots of piecing on the back, good view of the construction at the waist skirts, and split in the back of the sleeves

Imatex - gorgeous textile, jacket, 1770s?, very similar to one in CW's collection. Laces closed over a stomacher

Imatex - 18th century jacket of lampas silk. date unknown (not listed)

Imatex - giant picture showing detail, even stitching! Date on this? it has winged cuffs, so...1740s-60s?

Imatex - jacket - the trim on this is amazing. Click through for a huge image

Imatex - fascinating piecing done on the back of this pierrot style jacket

Imatex - jacket, 1740s-60s? - winged cuff, seamed skirt, stomacher

Imatex - interesting back construction. Large pattern textile, winged cuffs. , Undated

Another large, metallic woven textile, early jacket, Undated

I adore this Georgian maternity dress! We so rarely get to glimpse how ladies dressed in days of yore, when they were with child. #maternity #pregnant #Georgian #dress #costume #1700s #beautiful #gown

Cannot recall where this is from, but it is a gown with a Quaker provenance, very plain, tan silk.

Baroque Dress No. 3 Green, Gold,

The Staymaker, in UK