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@Kathy Chan Chan Reed and @Michael Dussert Dussert Moore and don't forget to wear your helmet..


Omg this is so me. I hate talking on the phone so when I am forced to call someone I pray for voicemail


It happens all the time

... but I AM hilarious!


diy yosimite sam costume | starting to feel sick tomorrow. / Workplace Ecard /

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The 19 Best Cards To Send To Someone Who Hates Their Job

Now that you know... what did you want to say? Never mind. I need to go do something. Hold your breath til I get back.

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Funny Minion Quotes Of The Week

Friends at school be like the last sentence! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

PRECISELY!!! Since the early 90's - we stopped punishing our kids.... THEN, we made it against the law, for teachers & caregivers to give punishment! We now have a generation of Godless, selfish, over-Liberal, over litigious, ignorant, disrespectful, morally bankrupt, WILD animals!! :'( Thanks for NOTHING!!!

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26 Kids Who Are Definitely Going Places

Kids are hilarious.

Don't judge me for posting this! Lmfao


Already too late…

Then follows the moment where permanent marker is now considered the "tattoo" tool.