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Den & Delve: Camp & Scout Accessories Collection

Street Style, via TOMMY TON

"Scoutmaster 83" large zippered pouch: made from a vintage canvas duffel bag and repurposed leather (from a vintage jacket) with authentic camporee patches from the 60's

VINTAGE BOTTLE OPENER on leather cord with snap hook: Den & Delve Shop

Lake Tahoe Tassel.

Birdwatcher's supplies inside the CUB SCOUT 53 POUCH, handmade by Den & Delve with vintage materials.

Vintage bottle openers on leather cord and hook, hand made by Den & Delve

ITEM: large zippered "Badge Winner's" pouch. MATERIALS: hand made from vintage army tent canvas with authentic camporee patches from the 60's & 70's

Trail Camper Pack Pouch by Den and Delve

Den & Delve, Camp & Scout Collection: Coin & Card pouches made from vintage materials.

Den & Delve handmade pouches and accessories

Tote: Black Point Mercantile, Keychain/Bag Clip: Den & Delve Shop

Den & Delve Keychains/Bag Clips


handmade vintage Japanese indigo stripe cotton and denim Coin & Card Pouch via Den & Delve Shop

Canvas bag


Amsterdam Jean School student Michael Bles in the coated leather patchwork jeans he made. Photo by Taylor Jewell.



The Good China


Ripped jeans

Stripe & Suede Large Zippered Pouch - Den & Delve Shop