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Tights of Ferdinand II Aragon, made in 1498 are in San Domenico Magiore, Photo - Villagomedievale.com

Tights of Ferdinand I Aragon made in 1490-1500 are in San Domenico Magiore, Photo - Villagomedievale.com

Skjoldehamn broka, 10th-11th century Article on find. Includes hood and tunic. Also good info on decoration, seam treatments etc.

Chemise belonging to Mary, Queen of Scots in which she was executed at Fotheringhay Castle. Of fine linen with drawn thread borders incribed on the bodice in red and dated Feb 11 1587. This is an Elizabethan undergarment and only one other of this type is known to survive.

Waffenrock from the first half of the 15th century, Heimatmuseum, Stendal

Sideless Surcoat of Lenora Aragon early 1300's "Pellote of Leonora de Castille"

Underpants found in Lengberg castle, the end of 15th century (ca 1480 ?), University of Innsbruck, photo University of Innsbruck

Henry VIII.'s Hawking Glove, Ashmolean Museum

Isabella l of Castile was Queen of Castile and León. She and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the unification of Spain.

Hood (14th century). The longer the pipe, the more affluent or powerful the wearer (in Renaissance Italy).

Cloak of St. Clara dated to 13th century is now in convent s.Chiara in Assisi

belt from 14th century located now in musee national du moyen age, clunny

THANK GOD, THIS FASHION DIED! -- Marie Antoinette wig. She also had one with a ship atop waves of curls.....

Lorenzo Costa, 1488: The Daughters of Giovanni II Bentivoglio and Ginevra Sforza (From the left: Camilla, Bianca, Francesca, Violante, Laura, Isotta, Eleonora) Cappella Bentivoglio, San Giacomo, Ferrara

Bocksten Man - well preserved man's clothing 2nd half of 14th century, Vaberg Museum

Shoe dated to late 1400s to early 1500s is now located in Museum of London

Catherine of Aragon’s head piece and necklace

Coin from the reign of Henry VIII during his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

Padded helmet liners, made for Siegmund von Erzherzog, Austrian (Insbruck), 1484. Kunsthistorische Museum, Vienna.

Hose worn below armor in 14-15th century, Bayrische National Museum, Munchen. Photo - bildindex.de

Farseto of Diego Cavaniglia from 1481, convent San Francesco a Folloni. Drawing Calandini Luca