Race track quilt

Now if only I was talented and could make these!! Perfect thing to take to a restaurant!!!

Quilt idea for a boy and his cars - This fun Road quilt is too cute.

My Fair Lady Designs :: About My Fair Lady Designs -- What a way for the boys to store their cars. I love it. A street on one side (which I would probably make separate square pieces, so they could rearrange the road the way they want and fix them on with velcro.

What makes it even cooler is the bridges/overpasses and the car wash that your cars can drive thru! These are stitched into the quilt on one side and attached with velcro on the other. That way when you want to store the quilt, you just release them and they lay flat!

The pattern can be found here - > http://dontlooknow.bigcartel.com/product/worry-dolls

A way to store quilts

Hand Quilted Baby Boy Train Quilt.

I think Rayne needs one of these, she's been all about hot wheels lately

Portable and addicting for the beginner and seasoned stitcher alike! An inspirational, all-around and great reference book that includes: Sewing kit essentials

Fun quick quilt

Now THIS is a quilt I could see myself making!

Lego Quilt Here are the instructions to make my Lego Man Quilt @Marilyn McMullan McMullan McMullan Richards Brady saw this and nearly fell over...ready for a retirement project?

What a cute way to preserve all those little outfits, when you just can't bear to part with them. Beats storing them away in a box for 30 years!

Sewing: Big Dog Quilt

Apps for Quilters



The Painted Quilt

Super fun dual-colored continuous scallops edge for your quilts! (Link is to the scallops ruler.) #rileyblake #vintagehappy #beeinmybonnet