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25 Emotional Mother and Baby Animal Photos from Wildlife

White Dolphin and baby....

Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

This beluga whale can live in the dog and my swimming pool, since he is so nice and blows heart-shaped bubbles

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High Five with a Humpback Whale

humpback whales!

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Lovely bubbly! Beluga whales are the ocean's cleverest creatures, but they aren't above a spot of fun

"I can run rings round you": A beluga whale shows off its amazing breath control for the camera at the Shimane Aquarium in Japan

Beluga: The beluga, or white whale, is one of the smallest species of whale. Their distinctive color and prominent foreheads make them easily identifiable. Unlike most other whales, the beluga has a very flexible neck that enables it to nod and turn its head in all directions.

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Beluga whale


50 Amazing Wildlife & Animal Wallpapers