Machine quilting tips and tricks Prepare any quilt larger than 36 inches x 36 inches for quilting by rolling it as follows.

Learn how to move a large quilt on your home sewing machine, working from the center to the outside. See how the quilt moves and is manipulated so the weight and bulk of the quilt isn't overwhelming while quilting on a small machine.

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Its said over and over again, practice is important when it comes to free motion quilting. This...

Tips to Quilting yourself on your machine

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Quilt Along #9 - Moving a Quilt on a Home Machine - YouTube

instructions for quilting big quilts on a regular sewing machine

Machine Quilting your quilt on a Normal Machine!

How to Make Your Own Machine Quilting Table If you are a quilter, then you know how important it is to have plenty of table room to support your fabric. Most sewing machines do not come with adequate table space. Large fold up tables can be placed on both sides of the quilting machine, or you can opt to make your own machine quilting table

Intro to Quilting 101- great tutorial on basting

Great site!!!! Start Quilting--Tips, Tricks & Tools.

How to Quilt for Beginners by Fiskars ~ a good tutorial on quilting a quilt on the sewing machine for those who would like to start...nice

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Machine Quilting tutorial


Check out these tips to help you master your quilting. 3 Tips for Beginner Quilters via The Polka Dot Chair

Machine Quilting

You'll be a free motion quilting master after learning about many of the common problems and solutions you'll encounter to leave your quilt looking its best. $21.21

Creating great quilts starts with understanding Color Value. Read some of the tips I recently learned about Understanding Color Value in Quilts. quilting | sewing #seasonedhome