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  • Pam Rountree

    Unlike Fractions Problem Solving...Real World problems that encourage students to explain their thinking through models, words, algorithm, and error analysis.

  • Araceli Perez

    $3.50 Perfect for 4th & 5th Grade Students! Students can practice their understanding of solving addition and subtraction of unlike fractions with these word problems. The work space encourages students to show their work, draw models, and to explain their thinking. Students will use critical thinking skills by doing error analysis. This is a great way to implement common core standards!

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Partner Plays for Grades 4 and 5 to improve reading fluency! If you implement Daily 5, check these out! They are perfect "Read to Someone" activities! Choose from over 20 sets of five scripts... or purchase the bundle! Kids love them!

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The Half Full Chronicles: Nonfiction Matters!

Classroom Transition DJ on PowerPoint has different songs to signal to students where they need to transition next. Kids will love the old tv theme songs they hear to tell them to line up or pack up their backpacks instead of you having to tell them over and over.

Do you want your students to become experts at solving word problems? These differentiated multi-step word problems will allow you to meet the different needs of each of your students. The graphic organizer will support students in solving and explaining problems. Aligned to Common Core Standards for 5th grade

Here's a hands-on, creative way for your students to practice identifying the four main points of view as they read! Students read four short passages and identify which point of view the author used in each story. The points of view include: First Person Second Person Third Person Limited Third Person Omniscient www.teacherspayte...

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of Ten. Free "place value sliders" that students can use to help visualize and understand the concept.

Improve your students understanding of PLACE VALUE with these SIX models for teaching decimals. Make sure your students have concrete, hands-on experiences before moving to abstract thinking. #math #decimals

Verb Tense Anchor Chart (Simple & Perfect) *****

Perfect tense verbs - 5th grade

Verb Tense Shifts Resources: Editable PowerPoint, Student Notes, & 10 Question Quiz. Shifts in Verb Tense $

Plot Task Cards- contains 4 short stories. Students must identify 5 plot points for each story (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion). Formatted to be used as plot worksheets or plot task cards!

Learn the how and why of the exit slip and grab a freebie.

Reader's Theater in your Upper Elementary to Middle School Classroom For Any Day and All Seasons

Interactive Math Notebook for Fifth Grade - 234 pages! $

This 40-slide PowerPoint is a step-by-step presentation that teaches students about using exact, interesting words in their writing. It comes with a worksheet companion so that students can follow along on their worksheet at the class progresses through the PowerPoint!

5 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Classroom Thesauruses

A blog post from a 5th grade teacher about how she has found success with paragraph writing in teaching the students to write the "meat" first.

Solving Multi Part Word Problems Chart with Free Printable at this link.

Back to school tips on creating specific math charts to help you have a successful year in math instruction. These charts could be replicated for Literacy, also.

Teaching To Inspire In 5th: Teaching Theme in the Upper Grades and a FREEBIE!

Higher Order Thinking Math Skills that are Common Core Aligned! 72 tasks that align with all of the 5th Grade Math Standards

5th Grade Math Skills Scoot Mega Bundle - Your students will have a blast working on 5th grade math skills with this set of 26 Scoot games! Scoot is a fast paced, whole class game that is simple to make and LOTS of fun! These Scoot cards are also great for centers and small groups! $

Types of Context Clues Anchor Chart (FREEBIE included!)

The Fashionista Teacher: Compare and Contrast Anchor Chart