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Free Hugs!

Old Lady Quotes humor, some people need a hug with a rope around their neck

I'm only a morning person on December 25th.

False, I'm always a morning person. BUT I'm an extra early morning person on Christmas. Like last year when Miller and I had Christmas at 4 am :)

Finally! Someone else agrees!

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It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts. It cannot be both. AMEN THIS IS NOT CUTE! and tights doesn't make it okay either. you can't wear tights and shorts and uggs. stop it.

Kissing my forehead, and giving me a hug would always make everything better.

If she’s freaking out, kiss her forehead, hug her & call her beautiful. If she growls, throw chocolate at her from a safe place Haha yep.

Things 90s kids will tell their grandchildren.... Hahaha

Funny pictures about Things to tell our grandchildren. Oh, and cool pics about Things to tell our grandchildren. Also, Things to tell our grandchildren photos.

Humorous Valentine Day Quotes | Funny Valentines Day Pictures Kids Photos - imfunny valentine sayings ...

"One minute of kissing burns 26 calories. No wonder those sluts are so damn skinny." ~Unknown Oh wait, guess I fit in this category;