Plurals - this is so easy and useful!

Great irregular verbs foldable!!! (could do this with regular past verbs as well)

Contraction foldable ~ So simple and effective. Free make-it-yourself idea. (I like the way the 2 individual words are on individual flaps.)

Paint Chip Contractions -- helps children practice forming contractions

Plural nouns anchor chart

Grammar Flip book

Great Teaching Ideas - I would put pictures/examples of the Nouns, Verbs, Adjective...on the containers.

Expanding sentences. Absolutely doing this with the kids.

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool

Teachers Who Love Teaching | Holly Monroe Calligraphy – Heirloom Artists: Holly Monroe & Cliff Mansley

Perfect Holiday Nails #holidaymanicure #holidaynails

This is an easy resource to make - it can help your kids learn to sound out words. Great for back-to-school!

Noun Anchor Chart | Plural Nouns Anchor Chart

Awesome for weekly spelling word practice too! Spelling Game.

Magic "e" wand!



sight word activities

Step-by-step guided lessons. Students brainstorm adjectives, nouns, verbs, and where-and-when phrases, then use them to expand a simple sentence. Includes: 15 lessons, teaching ideas, reproducible forms, writing center, and bulletin board.

Subject and Predicate. Nice and simple

T is for Teaching: Daily 5: Word Work and Words Their Way