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Paint Horse mare Silver Starlet Abby

Beautiful grulla paint horse I have a breyer horse that looks just like this

Si vous êtes un admirateur de chevaux, découvrez le plus magnifique d’entre eux. Il s’appelle « Frederik The Great », c’est un frison et une vraie star sur la toi...

Ce frison est le cheval le plus beau du monde. Les photos sont magnifiques !


best images and pictures ideas about cute baby horses - how long do horses live

Fotos de caballos (impresionantes) - Taringa!

Fotos de caballos (impresionantes)

belles images chevaux

NOVIO - looks so much like him. A perfect pinto (paints and pintos are practically the same thing, they just started with different bloodlines. Like the palimino, the name pinto and paint is both color and a breed)

The Appaloosa almost disappeared in 1876 when tribal lands were seized by the US Government. Indians were being moved onto reservations. The Nez Perce did not surrender peacefully and ended up conducting a fighting retreat through the mountains. Their goal was to seek sanctuary in Canada, but after a march of about 1,300 miles they were forced to surrender in the Bear Paw Mountains of Montana, just short of the border. Their belongings were confiscated and their horses were slaughtered.

What beautiful appaloosas! that is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! not only because of its spots either!