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Paper Drop System - Perfect for next year, I used it in a 3rd/4th grade class and 5th grade and made life so easy!

good routines to set in place at the beginning of the year

Freebie While You Were Out Absent Form. Good to go with papers in "we missed you folder"

3rd Grade Thoughts: class management

back to school

Back To School Night

Use a cover slip when collecting assignments. Grade the assignment, record the grade on the cover slip, then pass the papers back to students. No alphabetizing papers for the grade book.

What a great idea for turning in papers! Students can't "peek" at papers turned in before theirs. I love it!

Turning in papers

A great way to organize all of your teaching materials so it is condensed into one binder (grades, class lists, contact information, lessons, notes, etc)

Clip papers that don't have names on them to the board and have students go check!

Great idea to keep track of Missing Work. Students take their post-it off and attach it to their late work. Picture only. Might have to find a good system for writing these out. Could be time consuming.

Mystery Person. End of the Year Activity. Teacher makes up a small description about every student and see if the class can guess who everyone is

managing papers

Love for beginning of the school year!

Super system to see who has turned in homework

The simplest classroom management system ever!

Getting Things in Order (Keeping Track of Student Papers) - Ladybugs Teacher Files

End of the year student awards - I always wanted to do, but could never come up with creative awards.

Doing nothing in class