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Paper Drop System - Perfect for next year, I used it in a 3rd/4th grade class and 5th grade and made life so easy!

Ideas for getting and staying organized as a teacher.

student survey for beginning of the year

Fair vs. Equal Poster. I need to print and give to parents at Registration / Meet the Teacher day. This may clear up any confusion before the year gets started. :)

Simply 2nd Resources: Turning in papers-I'm thinking about using this system...

I've got to do this next year New Student Pack. Make 5 extra at the beginning of the year and include: the name tag, lunch number, birthday candle for our display, labels for folders, desk plates, spelling folders, take-home folders, notebooks, beginning of the year information notes, brochure about our classroom, etc.

Fearless in 5th: P-Interesting Projects for the Classroom!

Adventures of 5th Grade: Monday Made It #4

This is a chart showing 20 ideas for increasing parental involvement! It makes you and them partners working as a team to educate their child!

This website has a great "Procedural Handbook" to hand out at the beginning of the year so students know exactly what to expect

During labs, punch holes in the papers of students that are off task or not in the target language. Easy to keep track of participation when you collect the papers! Each hole punch = number of points taken off lab participation grade.

Teachers: the Hang-Ups Family Organizer is perfect to use in the classroom!

Reflection papers for end of trimester!

Organizing, setting up and tracking accelerated reader and student's points. See how my students set and track their own goals.

"Turn In Work Here" - students turn in work in their own folder, which eliminates "no name" problem - WE DO THIS, but I love the picture on the front of this box better than ours!

Greeting Students to Increase Engagement

Rewards to recognize good students. They draw a tile and place it wherever they want. When the prize is completely spelled, the class gets that reward. I really like this idea!

To promote kindness in the classroom...this is the time of year we all need a new idea!

Good to know for future reference.....Locking an iPad so students stay on the app that you assigned.