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Next time a stranger talks to me…

Next time a stranger talks to me… HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA I wish I could keep a straight face to do this.

Nordstromfrom Nordstrom

'mug with a hoop™' Coffee Mug

Mug with a hoop


I shall sing!

omg I am laughing so hard!

I screwed up my diet for this Monday. Looks like I'll have to wait until next Monday, since diets can't possibly start on any other day of the week. ♡ Dieting Humor ♡

I don't drink red bull or coffee but this is so funny! And I want to see maybe I just might do this. Or send it to myth busters.

Ive got a black belt in CrAzY! This is from Shanghai Nights, Owen Wilsons' line-so funny!


Hockey players…

I just keep laughing at this!


She did what?

Laughing way to hard.