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DA 14 and stars in the background (streaks)

Asteroid DA14

I love the blue spots on Jupiter also

Jupiters red spots 1/21/13

The close moon and tiny Jupiter to the left

Tiny round dot in the middle of the screen: ASTEROID APOPHIS - 1/9/2013 Asteroid Apophis - named after the Egyptian demonic serpent-spirit of destruction - will fly by Earth on 1/9. In 2029, Apophis will fly by at only 30,000km and in 2036 there is a 1 in 250,000 chance it could hit Earth. Slooh to cover live from Canary Islands.

Jupiter and moon in color

Comet c2012k5 in color 1/9/13

Comet c2012k5

light from this galaxy has been traveling 3 million years before we could see it

remnants of an exploding star 1/9/13

Eskimo Nebula in color 1/9/13

Solar flare on EOW 12/21/12 (didn't happen)

Solar flare on EOW 12/21/12

M81 galaxy 12/23/12

Running Man Nebula 12/23/12

Comet in color! 12/23/12

close up of c2011k5 linear

Comet 12/23/12

Orion Nebula full color 12/23/12

Orion Nebula 12/23/12

M82 exploding galaxy in color 12/23/12

M82 exploding galaxy

Eskimo nebula 12/23/12

Suspect object in the sky? EOW 12/21/12