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How do you apply your faith teachings to tchotchkes, those little giveaways from businesses and organizations? Today's blogger tackles tchotchkes head on.

Good stewardship of our organization calls for good women who are willing and able to serve.

Women of the ELCA supports women in many ways. Today's blogger tells you why she loves the organization.

Do you know a woman who lives out her faith as boldly as Katie Luther?

Just because something is available in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. How do you engage the world in a way that is most comfortable for you?

Many people fast during lent, but some go without food because they can't afford it. Read what today's blogger did about it.

A retired pastor offers 7 tips for keeping new members engaged in church. How do you welcome and keep people in your church?

In April 2015, today's blogger was given some unexpected news. That's when she learned that planning is not always In The Plan.

For today's blogger poetry is a spiritual practice, a way to relate to the world, to try and understand what it means to be human, to experience joy, love, heartbreak and grace.

Those of us who complain about paying taxes might consider walking a mile in someone else's shoes.