Color coding behaviors to communicate with parents.

Color coding behaviors (based off clip chart) to communicate with parents. To use for data tracking, assign points to colors/

Classroom Management: Don't put out the supplies until you have gone over the expectation for each one...then slowly introduce each one.

This Kindergarten teacher starts out the year with no supplies on her shelf, and puts it out as she teaches the children know the expectations for each item. What a great idea!

First Grade Glitter and Giggles: Classroom Management... Could add a picture of electronics for higher grades...!

Classroom management tool - It can be soooo time consuming to answer the questions.Can we use markers?, Do we turn this in?, Is this a talking activity? I love using these assignment choice signs to answer those questions without me doing the work.

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Related image

Hands on your head, eyes on me, if you're ready say 1,2, 3

Cute saying to get kids listening and not playing with things while doing so. Free poster from Simply Kinder! Will use this as we're lining up to leave the classroom but will change head to hips since we do hips & lips in the hallways!

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips! Positive reinforcement ideas, brain breaks, class job charts... lots of helpful teaching hacks!

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips

Class Management ideas: 32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips. Great ideas for positive reinforcement, brain breaks, grouping kids and tons more.

Wish I would have found this last year.  All those needed docum. in one place.   Finding JOY in 6th Grade: Classroom Management: The Purple Clipboard

Finding JOY in Grade: Classroom Management: The Purple Clipboard. I wonder if this would be hard to maintain accurately all day, might work better in a middle/high school setting for periods than all day elem management. Like this idea.

Green and red choice behavior management techniques (posters, songs, individual choice boards, class books, and children's books to support) perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergaten

Green and Red Choice Board

Easy to Implement Behavior Charts...simple forms to fill out each day for behavior intervention. These are perfect for keeping parents informed and tracking their progress throughout the day! Editable so you can choose student goals, and you can choose how many parts of the day are tracked!

I liked this idea because it is an informative chart that is given to parents to keep them up-to-date on how their kids are doing. I wonder though how difficult it would be to keep up with these charts for kids through-out the day.

behavior incentive - focus on one behavior at at time and remove item for negative behavior.

For working on a specific behavior, such as blurting - every time someone blurts, we lose a happy face (these are the chances) - still some left = whole class reward (marble jar, etc)