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Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand. Mini Donkey foal!

I saw a study today saying that looking at pictures of baby animals increases your productivity. So here you go: 25 bumps in your productivity for today!

you know how they have teacup pigs and teacup dogs??? It is my dream to have a teacup Elephant!!!!

Fluffy baby penguin

Humana, acabas de ser conquistada

Baby Penguins cute babies winter baby snow perfect adorable cold instagram instagram pictures instagram graphics instagram pics instagram animals penguins

Its adorable until you know baby koalas eat their mums poop because at that age they cant digest eucalyptus leaves.

typical look from a golden retriever - not sure which I want more- him or a spaniel

  • Helga Hoppes

    Looove these companions!

  • Linda Jacobson

    I say spaniel my daughter says retriever we are both right

  • Helga Hoppes

    I also love spaniels!

  • Linda Jacobson

    we have a Brittany who's 13, we had a Cocker before that, not sure but King Charles could be next???

  • Alba Melgar

    Recordando al perro que tuvo mi hija por muchos años, se convirtió en parte de la familia hasta el día que partió hacia el cielo de los perritos fieles.