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Endorphins are released when you work out. They balance the chemicals in your brain and make you happy. Still looking for the perfect reason to start working out? You just found it.

Reason to be fit! Inner strength transpires to strength on the outside!

To be the one people admire because of strength and persistence.

exactly!!! I want my boys to know that exercise is a must everyday! Just like brushing your teeth! We are the examples of what they become!

Reasons to be fit - to know that my physical strength is the result of my inner strength. Well put, I must say.

submitted by that-particularly-good-finder

I LOVE working out and people looking at me crazy when I tell them how much I work out

I have to start believing this and stop listening to everyone's opinion about how I should look, what I should look like. I'm doing this for me and NO ONE ELSE!

Sometimes after doing a hard work out and my muscles are burning I think to myself, "I could definitely kick a muggers ass." That always makes me smile :)

Whenever I miss a workout I feel like I forgot to do something important that day, and I hate that!!!!