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Don't. We. All!!!!

Funny Confession Ecard: I want the kind of head injury where I wake up & Channing Tatum tells me he's my husband. Me, too!

This takes pregnancy brain to a whole new level.

When I have a bad day I like to watch I didn't know I was pregnant to remind myself it could be worse. I could be too dumb to know I have a human growing inside of me.

I might have pinned this before but doing it again because it is so funny and I would love to say it to a few ex bfs :)

Congratulations on your downgrade. She's one hell of a So true!i'd say she is a 2 funny how she has my name though

You forgot chocolate and wine...

Just naps. No Starbucks burnt overly priced sludge! Cuddling gets to warm. Yoga pants, really? Shopping is torture! Disney is cute but the happily ever after stuff is bull. Don't think you know all girls dearest e-card.

This is so me.. haha!

So funny! I feel a spree coming on. It's either a shopping one, or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you.

Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet...

This Literally happens everyday at my house! Funny Family Ecard: Dear Family, Thanks for putting empty boxes back in the cabinet. There's nothing like waking up to disappointment for breakfast.this is sooooo my family!

THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS. You could lose out on a chance at love if you don't check your grammar. Some people can still read and find poor grammar and spelling gross. Nobody wants to have dumb kids. TAKE THIS ADVICE.

"You were so attractive until you texted me with your hideous grammar." OMG i'm such the spellchecker lol! people hate when I spellcheck them but I can't stop!

Fuck the police* (if you know what i mean) (channing tatum)

hell ya I know what you mean hahahahahaha! Fuck the police all day long hahahaha!

When I'm old(er) ... I'm not going to sit around knitting ... I'm going to  .... http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/73/e1/50/73e1507052dc0485ffefa78e5c08d1b4.jpg

When I get old, I'm not going to sit around knitting. I'm going to be clicking my Life Alert button to see how many hot firefighters show up!