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    simple slip stitch

    • Whitney

      Stitch Gallery - Simple Slip Stitch - Patons Yarn In the round: Row 1 *sl 1, k3; rep from *. Row 2 Knit.

    • Elorah Dannon

      Stitch Gallery - Simple Slip Stitch | Yarn | Free Knitting Patterns | Crochet Patterns | Yarnspirations

    • Laurie Marxsen

      Simple Slip Stitch ((multiple of 4 sts plus 3) Row 1 (RS) K1, *sl 1, k3; rep from *, end sl 1, k1. Row 2 Purl. Rep rows 1 and 2.

    • Hearthside Artist

      The simple slip stitch. This one comes out very subtle and pretty. I think it would be perfect for mittens.

    • Hooks & Needles

      Stitch Gallery - Simple Slip Stitch - Patons Yarn This would be perfect for a cardigan!

    • Abigail Rinhyke

      Stitch Gallery - Simple Slip Stitch | Yarnspirations #knit #stitch #texture

    • Hilde Van den Abbeele

      knitting stitch: simple slip stitch - easy but effective -

    • Phuong Hoang

      Stitch Gallery - Simple Slip Stitch - Patons Yarn

    • seafarer suzanne o.

      Simple slip stitch knitting pattern

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    Whelk Stitch.Pattern creates waffle like textured fabric that is great for men’s wear, as well as washcloths and blankets. Cast On: Multiples of 4 + 3 Pattern:Row 1 (RS): K3, *sl 1 purlwise, k3; rep from * to end. Row 2: K3, *yf, sl 1 purlwise, yb, k3; rep from * to end. Row 3: K1, *sl 1 purlwise, k3; rep from * to last two sts, sl 1 purlwise, k1. Row 4: P1, sl 1 purlwise, *p3, sl 1 purlwise; rep from * to last st, p1. Repeat rows 1 – 4 until you have reached your desired length.

    Easy flat knit fingerless glove pattern

    Tiny Bobbles Stitch Pattern Skill: intermediate Multiple of 2 sts + 2 Row 1 (RS): knit. Row 2: purl. Row 3: knit. Row 4: purl. Row 5: k1, *(k1, yo, k1) into the next st, sl 1 wyib; rep from * to the last st, k1. Row 6: p1, *sl 1 wyib, k3tog tbl; rep from * to the last st, p1. Repeat Rows 1-6.

    Slip Stitch 7

    knit stitch patterns

    I want to make something using this stitch.

    Right side of knitting stitch pattern – Slip Stitch 14 :

    This easy design uses only the knit (k) and purl (p) stitches, but the pattern it produces is very effective.

    How to Convert Knit Stitches to Crochet Stitches

    What a cool crochet stitch pattern to use!

    Maggie's Crochet · 100 Quick & Easy Crochet Stitches


    Picture of Crocodile Stitch Fashions

    Crochet slip stitch through a YO edging for a gorgeous, two color edge!

    ~A Q-tip makes a very simple and effective stitch holder. The cotton ends make it so it stays in place. Simple enough to stash a few of these in your knitting bag just in case you need them~

    How to Knit the Fancy Slip Stitch Rib Pattern (English Style) - YouTube

    Ten Stitch Blanket - link to pattern is on flikr page. You only have 10 stitches on your needles at a given time; lots of fun to knit once you get the hang of the corners.

    slipped-stitches | Knitting Stitch Patterns

    New stitch. Cool

    Bind off stitches in a contrast color to create raised horizontal stripes. Easy technique adaptable to any project.