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Vintage Tv Style Green Alarm Clock | DotComGiftShop

ratchet wall clock -

Gio Ponti; Aluminum Ceiling-Mounted Clock by Boselli for the Palace Offices for Montecatini, 1936.

Issey Miyaki

Sprout Watch

Ion by Ziiiro

Max Bill kitchen clock from 1960's

Diana watch is powered by solar energy, thanks to its wristband that is completely constructed from spheral solar cells, photovoltaic spheres with high generation efficiency(20%) that capture light from all the directions and that can be aligned on a flexible plastic film. Designed by Tommaso Ceschi.

wind up style

fizz clock - orange

Diamantini & Domeniconi Large Wall Clock


Brass Clock by Howard Miller Clock Co.

primary clock / david weatherhead & GOODD / theo

1960's Junghans Ato-Mat mangle clock {via retro to go}