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@Rachael Lindley

Literally laughed out loud!

This is my cat without fur


#Bachelorette Party Games -- Here are some of our favorites, ranging from “We can play this with Grandma!” to “I’ll kill you if you put these pictures on Facebook.”


True story


Forever alone. Haha

What to name your home wi-fi network ... guaranteed to scare the neighbors. For Lisa

What angle the camera can capture - I just died!!!

No words. Just laughter :D

Bahahahaha! He used to surprise me....

Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side




Oh dear lord this is funny!

Haha of course.

Pinstrosity -- A blog where people submit Pinterest projects that didn't turn out as planned. I love how they tell you why it didn't work and what you need to fix.

Love it! Hahaha thanks Kimmie!


It's the B! @Olivia Rios


Are you coming in or not?