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WHY can't PINTEREST be my job? I'm so good at it. @ Heidi McCracken

Why I love Pinterest in a nutshell.

Bless me with patience... Not opportunities to be patient, I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to be working. The actual patience...

Yes! that's why i have a separate board just for pinning things I've done from here ;)

Sometimes being the bigger person means smiling and nodding while fantasizing about punching the other person in the throat. | Confession Ecard

➤ See the best Facebook fan page for Pinterest Humor! #ecard

If Pinterest was a school, i would have perfect attendance!

every time. I think this is an INTJ thing. I don't know anyone else who 'gets' this!

Ha. Just had to giggle at myself. Are you an electronic hoarder too?

I'm my own biggest fan. I'm going to repin all my pins just to double the awesome.

They say if you you really want to know a person, look at their pinterest board. I say if you really really want to know a person, check out what they liked. You guys are some kinky bitches, keep up the good work.