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  • Sustainable Table

    From @Grist .org: Multinational food companies sell everything, from polo shirts to tampons- Fascinating infographic. See how multinational corps dominate not only the food system, but also have a stake in everything from clothing to cosmetics.

  • Terry Jobs

    The Illusion of Choice: The Brands that own the brands... #infographic #pinterest

  • Melissa Canitez

    The illusion of choice in the commercial food industry: onsumers may look at the grocery store shelves and think they've got a multitude of options, but the truth is, the same huge corporations own all of the brand names, use the same toxic ingredients in the products and care not the slightest about your nutrition or health. Take a look at this diagram for proof that your freedom of choice in the grocery store is an illusion.

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Most of this I was already aware of and I have resigned myself to the fact that inevitably, there will just be "The Company." That company, of course, will be either be Cyberdyne or Weiland/Utani and it will usher in the end of humanity.

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I already knew about glabella and interrobang..........Thanks Dan and Phil.

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