Pirate Baby - Homemade costumes for babies @Glenna Teague as a child.... :)

Baby Pirate Costume

10 DIY Halloween Costumes for Baby

~ Scarecrow Baby Costume ~

Owl Costume

Baby Jack Skellington

These Halloween baby costumes are awesome

Homemade Costumes for Girls - this website has tons of DIY costume ideas!

#baby halloween costume

Baby Duck Homemade Costume

incredible homemade baby costume...totally going to be my child's 1st Halloween costume


puppy tutu Halloween costume

I would die laughing if this came to my house.... 21 Easy Homemade Costumes for Baby's First Halloween

Raggedy Ann

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Baby Halloween Costumes halloween

HOLY COW THIS IS SO CUTE I CANT STAND IT!!!!!!!Chik-fil-A Cow - Halloween Costume Contest

Really... Look at this link. It is so cute! And it has really good ideas. Cutest Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies!

Oompa Loompa costume! OMG!! I love this for the Toddler! The Boy could be Willy Wonka and the Girl could be 'Charlie'!!!!

Toothbrush & Baby-Tooth