Snowman Cupcake Cake

Halloween pumpkin cupcake cake (pic only)

Christmas Tree Cupcake Cake V2 - Version 2 of the cupcake cake for a different party. This time we were prepared with better decorations and golden sugar for the star. Tried to make this one better.

Santa pull apart cupcake cake

Christmas tree cupcake cake

Scarecrow Cupcakes Cake

{Christmas} Snowman Cake Pops reloaded | tutorial by niner bakes

easy snowman face cakes to make | The Bake More: Snowman Face Cake

Cupcake Cakes - Christmas Lights

Snowman Coconut Cake...not a fan of coconut so I will have to use icing only and use the coconut as snow on the cute!

Snowman Cupcake Cake~ Fill a large cake plate with white-frosted cupcakes and then fill in details of a snowman face with more orange and black frosting. Sprinkle the cupcakes with white cake sparkles for a snow-crystal finish.

Tons of really creative Christmas cupcake ideas!!


cupcake cake

Snowman Cupcakes! Dip the white-iced cupcake in sugar crystals to make it look like snow.

pull apart cupcake wreath

reindeer Cupcakes

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Cute Christmas Cupcake Decorating Cupcake Wreath

Christmas cupcakes

WHAT??!!! Cutest idea ever. Chocolate cupcakes made to look like Hot Chocolate!