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    • Kenyon Thomas

      This is the main character Naruto, from his own anime show "NARUTO". This show is created by one of my favorite artist of all time, Masashi Kishimoto.

    • Tina Joy

      Naruto: shippuden uzumaki naruto hands in pockets headbands (1024x768, shippuden, uzumaki, naruto, hands, pockets) via

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    To bad Sakura is a female dog, kakashi is a perve, SasGAY is stupid ( I'm not insulting him he's just stupid). Oh well at least Iruka and Naruto turned out right

    I just...can't even find words for this hotness of team 7. Fucking team 7 why r u so cool??? ; Naruto uzumaki ; sasuke uchiha ; sakura haruno ; kakashi hatake ; sai ; yamato

    i rlly love the foreshortening in the picture so im pinning it

    Gaara, Kankuro, Karasu (Kankuro's puppet), Kuroari (Kankuro's puppet), Temari, Yashamaru, the 3rd Kazekage of Sunagakure (Sasori's human puppet), Sasori, Chiyo, Ebizo, Baki, Kankuro, The 4th Kazekage of Sunagakure, Karura, Gaara, Temari and Shikamaru

    "My dad died...along with my mom, trying to protect Konoha...trying to protect me! It only lasted a moment. But in that moment, they gave me something. They gave me the belief that I am capable of lots and lots of things! And they entrusted me to be the savior of the world!" #naruto

    Okay, Naruto looks reeeaaaaallly good in glasses, ne?

    Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, Iruka, Sasuke, Itachi Obito, Minato, Neji, Sai, Kushina, Nagato, Jiraiya, and Tsunade

    It's so cool they Even got the charectars from the movies!

    Why is Shikamaru's name backwards? Some of their names are spelled wrong too. T_T

    Smile life is to love every seconds on this day