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  • Dana Mac

    Froot Loop "sand" You'll need empty glass baby food jars, Fruit Loops cereal, closeable baggies and a piece of paper. Start by having your toddler separate the colors of fruit loops. Once separated, put them into separate bags. Have your toddler crush the cereal until it makes dust. Next, take the different colors of "sand" and pour into the empty baby food jars using the piece of paper as a funnel. We love this activity because it's safer than using sand... it doesn't matter if your toddler puts this "sand" in their mouths! Variations: Smear a thin layer of glue on a sheet of cardboard. Sprinkle your cereal sand on the cardboard. Once dried, you have another piece of art for the gallery!

  • Tianna DeTienne

    Edible "Sand" Art Made With Crushed Fruit Loops Cereal !

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