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Absolutely love this hairstyle! DIY pictorial for this hair bow and others.

beautiful wedding hairstyle - soft curls upswept

pretty sure this is a contemporary photo, but it sure looks like junior high in the mid-late 80s to me!

How to wear a bow... One of my first words as a baby was bow and still at 25 I LOVE me some bows!

i would look "little house on the prairie" but this is so pretty on her!

17 Quick And Easy DIY Hairstyle Tutorials - Nadyana Magazine

i used to wear my hair like this almost every day in highschool ♥

On my "Hair to Try" List - so if we ever get the chance to meet at a NACE Event, maybe you'll see me with one of these styles. #bows Pin on, Thuy (2E)

1. Use a 1″ curling iron to curl everything under. This will make it easier to tuck pieces into the bun 2. Flip your hair over and gather everything into a ponytail on top of you head, securing it with an elastic ponytail holder. Step 3: On the last time around with the ponytail holder, only pull the ponytail through half way. 4. Take the loop you’ve created and spread it out. Just widen it and allow it to be somewhat messy. 5. Take the tail end and wrap it around the ponytail base.