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tender ..haha it's be fun to take a pic where he looks like he thinks all the credit goes to him with her doing an excuse me! face... :)

Фотожурнал - Фотосессия беременных. Алиса 9ый месяц

Loved my maternity shoot with Pam Cooley! Also LOVED my outfit by Free People :)

Pregnancy photo idea.. too cute!!!! going to do this when I get pregnant

Pregnancy photo shoots are usually awkward and cheesy, but These are sweet pictures. And it goes with my beach "theme" thing I have going. I did my pregnancy reveal at the beach so it kind of seems fitting to do beach maternity shots :)

Beautiful Before & After Pregnancy photos --- I am not a fan of pregnancy photography, but I can get on board with this b photo. I feel like I can see myself doing something like this.

I'm going to be completely honest, I've always wondered why women get photos of themselves pregnant. To me it is beautiful but also very personal. However I've seen some pregnancy photos that look really "sexy" or "risque" and I hate them. I'd rather see something like this, something naturally beautiful about a pregnant woman.