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I'm not big on Asian decor (I'm already Asian enough) but he's welcomed in my garden any day. :)

Mystical moss the sense of mystery this photo conveys. We all need a little more mystery.

*Create small gardens in unusual places around the yard

I would love a bicycle like this! I could put the fur-babies in the basket, pack a thermos of coffee and take off! Yippie~skippie!

John Milner Architects revival of an early 19th century stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania.

[And when thou art weary, I'll find thee a bed of mosses and flowers to pillow thy head..." -John Keats]

Moss Garden, onze mossen zijn niet zo kleurrijk, maar ze doen hun best

I am sure it would be a hell of a time trying to get the leveling just right and making sure the ground is settled well to construct these cascading pools, but it would definitely be a splendid feature.

Dora escapes to her own private space in the garden where she can dream about Edward. He's away fighting with Lawrence of Arabia at www.edwardwarethr...

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" - Publius Syrus. A Latin writer who flourished in the 1st century BC.