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Thursday Night Menu: Rhymes with Orange

Oranges are excellent in vitamin. It is very close to limes, tangerines,grapefruit.It is one of the most popular citrus fruits.

Britta Nickel. lemons.

-Contains 53 mg of vitamin c -Dr.C says if you put a slice of lemon in hot water and drink it every day, you get stronger immune system because of Vitamin C.C will travel through blood and help fight diseases

Citrus: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Mandarins, and Tangelos

Lemons & Oranges

Zone 8 dwarf citrus - plant in Spring - Eureka or Sun Gold Lemons & Naval or Valencia Oranges




13 Healthy and Naturally Sweet Foods to Eat to Conquer Your Sugar Addiction .

green grapes...I have eaten almost half a Sam's container already...in 30 minutes.

Green grapes, a simple and healthy snack. My fruit bowl is always full of them!