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Play alone or with a partner. Roll a dice (I used10 sided) Put that number of beads on the ones side. Take turns rolling and adding beads. When you can make a 10 put the beads on a pipe cleaner cut in half to keep them together and reinforce the concept of 10 being 1 unit. Play until the student reaches 50 or the first student to reach 50 wins.

This can be used to help you students develop a strong understanding of place value. The pack has practice for tens and ones as well as hundreds. ... Freebie

We did this in 2nd grade this year for facts to 18 and it really helped them see all the parts of each number.

Great Math Activity...pipe cleaners, beads, die. Awesome idea for Gabriel while big brother is doing his math work :)

This is using pipe cleaners to play with print and is such a fun way to teach and learn the alphabet. This meets the kindergarten standard K.L.1. 1- demonstrates command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing and speaking. a-print many upper and lower case letters.

Introducing place value dice game

Here's a nice partner activity for working with base-10 blocks.