Quick, Cheap, and Easy Share Chair One of the teachers at my school made this share chair. I thought it was clever and cute. I had never thought of using a plastic lawn chair for a “Share Chair”. She decorated it with stickers and the kids love it. She uses it for not only literacy, but other subjects as well such as the closing of her math lesson.

This site has some great DIY author's chair examples.

Kindness Wreath: Add a ribbon for each act of kindness you find a student doing throughout the year.

organize stickers by season and theme in a shoebox

Clever way to store sentence strips

Plastic plates from Walmart work as dry erase boards

DIY footies for the bottom of chairs. so much better than tennis balls. cheap easy effective

Runde's Room: Hook Them from the First Day ... Tips for Back to School - classroom teachers share their favorite fun and engaging back to school activities.

One dollar Target book covers can be used as chair pockets

Recipe for success- first day of school activity. So thoughtful...it actually made me tear up when reading the recipe for success! Doing this for sure!

Fancy Up Your Sterlite Drawers

Share Chair. This might be a good idea to teach students turn taking. Now could they generalize this out to the gen.ed. classroom?

Music VIP chair - students chosen for their outstanding behavior the previous week get to sit in the chair and be a special helper

Share Chair - When kids share something with the counselor (positive, negative, or neutral) they get to add a sticker! Great way to visually create rapport!

Six Classroom/ Counseling Questions to start off the school year!

End of year ideas... Have a student sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others write positive phrases about them. The student can not peek at what was being written take a picture and give it to them for their last lesson.

Look at the baskets under the chairs! She drilled holes in the baskets and then zip tied them to the chairs.

Display art in the window with plastic document sleeves

Quick way to have students make a classroom thank you card for someone.

Name Map-This is a great getting to know you activity. The teacher creates one and shares it with the class. The teacher then allows the students to create their own "name map". The middle symbol represents them and then they have other symbols branching off of the center symbol that represent who they are and their interests. It also goes well after reading Chrysanthemum.

Teacher-made lesson plan book--- I am making this!!! LOVE THIS WEBSITE!! it is a must for teachers!