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    Quick, Cheap, and Easy Share Chair One of the teachers at my school made this share chair. I thought it was clever and cute. I had never thought of using a plastic lawn chair for a “Share Chair”. She decorated it with stickers and the kids love it. She uses it for not only literacy, but other subjects as well such as the closing of her math lesson.

    One dollar Target book covers can be used as chair pockets

    This site has some great DIY author's chair examples.

    Write name on plate when gone, erase when you get back. It is so gross to have them share something to carry to the rr- GREAT IDEA!

    Cheap and easy bulletin boards!

    A simple and inexpensive way to keep student desks organized and clutter free. Purchase 77 cent Home Depot aprons to tie to each chair for book storage

    She needed more storage so she drilled holes in the baskets and then zip tied them to the chairs. Very clever!

    Share Chair: Incentive for kiddies to bring items in to share (must have a note with clues to read to the class)

    Grouping students tool for the classroom - each child chooses a kiss. Use kisses and garage sale dot stickers!

    organize stickers by season and theme in a shoebox

    Great resource! Content Trailers-short music videos to act as a "hook" when introducing a lesson. All grade levels, all subjects

    Have kids sit on chair and hold a chalkboard/sign which says what they love about their mom

    Clutter-Free Classroom shares effective management and organizational tips like nobody else! Check out these PHOTO BOOK BOXES {Coffee and a Clever Idea} Aren't they too cute? And since cardboard boxes usually need to be replaced annually, adding student photos is such a special personal touch!

    Beginning of school. This would even work in middle school. My kids love the David books (yes, I take them from my 6-year-old to share with my 8th graders!).

    Pinner said "Readers, I'd like you to meet my sanity saver. This is where I start each year before working in my classroom. My binder. This baby is my planner, organizer and keep-me-sane-inizer. That's why I'm devoting an entire post to it. No, really, it just plays a huge part in my day and I'm excited to share it in the hopes that it might help that newbie teacher feel a little bit more "above" water. Needless to say, I've got lots of things to share."

    behavior management tool. Instead of putting stickers on their hands, Kids collect their stickers in a book and then "cash" in their stickers for rewards. I really like this because it would be so easy to keep up with and they could practice counting by 5s

    High five notes-- I like!! Easy way to boost student's sprits

    Quick Activities for the classroom to get up and move

    Class Birthday Chair

    so clever!