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center ideas for 8/15- week 5

for my sister ,daughter and former students who are now teacher's you are all inspiring teachers

Differentiate homework & give students choice... Students choose when to do deliberate practice in math 20 min. [review (meet expectations) or take on a challenge (exceed expectations), & in literacy [write for 60 min./week & read for 60 min./week.] Logging what they have done & showing their progress to the teacher throughout the week is mandatory.

Great ideas and the kids feel so smart and clever when they do these paper folding projects.

The ABCs of Early Literacy. 26 fun-filled ways to teach reading and writing.

Visit Teaching Ideas: day, when I actually go visit teaching for once, I will look at these!

Contemporary melodies for kids with teaching songs, Author's Purpose is one, third and fourth graders would love this!

This is a good idea- but the site has even more! Just spent 10 minutes just scrolling and I didn't reach the end! Definitely need to check out later!

Checking off the standards you've taught becomes the focus, but the reality is that this quote perfectly describes our true purpose as teachers.

Love this.... I used 5-4-3-2-1 with a fourth grade class last semester. There were too many students to do jumping jacks, so we shook out each hand then each foot. So, it was a 5-5-5-5, 4-4-4-4-, get the picture. They loved it, and it helped them get refocused.