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Enchanted Forest - Redwood National Park, California, USA

Baby panther

Wild Horses. Makes me heart melt. Such amazing animals. Bless them! So sweet.


Beautiful Golden Eagle

© V Solkin/ WWF-Russia. Adopt a leopard! Fewer than 35 Amur leopards remain in the wild, and their habitat is under threat from logging, forest fires and land clearance for farming. Help us protect the world’s most endangered big cat.


Philippines: power plant threatens rare cockatoos (petition)

White Wolf Howling

Your White Knight arrives...

Bluejay fluffs its feathers during cold weather. photo by Dennis Money

Phoenix Rooster.

Amazing Butterfly

Dragons is an adoptable Bearded Dragon Reptile in Shelton, CT. We have several bearded dragons for adoption.   All fairly young, less than a year old.  We have both males and females.  Each is very ha...


River Otter....

snow leopard


SPEAK UP FOR AMERICA'S WILD HORSES! Tell BLM: Protect Wild Horses During Drought! Remind the BLM that the protection of wild horses is mandated by an Act of Congress, whereas livestock grazing is authorized entirely at the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior. Tell the BLM that it must prioritize removal of livestock over wild horses in drought conditions & that removals of wild horses must take place only in verifiable emergencies! PLZ SIgn & Share!

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher - what extraordinary color

by Dmitry Polyakov

Swimming lessons...omg!

Papa Lion On a "Mission"