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    Lazy summer days!

    Paddle Balls were fun until one was used to paddle your bottom...oh the days of corporal punishment!

    running through sprinklers during the summer

    summer in the eighties

    Creamy orange "Push Up" popsicle!

    I remember these. I'd always try and push down all the colors at once

    Bomb Pops

    It's crazy how much I remember of these 80's things! Using scrunchies as your favorite statement piece, and owning one in every color and print in existence. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

    The good old days

    Loved these guys

    Remember the old A & P grocery...

    pic up stixs

    I remember these.

    Candy Lipstick. I remember these, it was always disappointing that they didn't really work!

    I remember using these to play bingo with at school..

    Raspberry candies - I always looked for these first

    Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) was not the only one to use these. I'll never forget my legs sticking to them on hot, Florida days.

    so remember these!

    Superhero gumball popsicles

    I remember these ...

    Jiffy Pop popcorn