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  • Emily Welch

    How has this not been repinned yet?? XD #Disney #DisneyPrincesses #Princess

  • Ada Bishop

    Disney Princesses, Mean Girls. You can't sit with us.

  • Corey Ganivet

    completely random but made me laugh

  • Steve Williams

    Mean Girls disney princesses #quote #fave

  • Claudia Garcia

    Dress up like sexy Disney Princesses for Future bachelorette party Jklaud

  • Julie Elisabeth Tingberg

    Mean Disney girls.

  • Bubbles

    Disney Mean Girls (the only time when it's ok to say "You can't sit with us" is when you don't mean it and you're making a reference, or are dressed like a Disney character)

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I like this one for Carl Fredrickson "Don't make me cranky, you wouldn't like me when I'm cranky."

"Until I saw Brave. Then the unruly truth came out."<--hahaha I did not write this and it is the sole reason I repined it!

Not all Disney characters found love.

Ok some of these Ive seen but that Gaston spitting is so nasty!! And Aladdin is making a Gideon face!

Oh its true! more funny pics on facebook:

What Disney taught me… THAT just answered a big question about where my girls learned the drama!!! Worth the whole 2+ hours of Pinterest time tonight!

Math would be my favorite class!!!!!! And I love math already!! OMG ITS SIMPLY MEANT TO BE WOW IM SO FUNNY THATS ALSO A REFERENCE TO the nightmare before Christmas ☺️☺️☺️☺️

The dog doesn't speak English is collar translates his barks, Wall-E is PROGRAMMED that way!

well thats what makes them such good friends because they have the same personality so they get along well and become best friends! duh!

Dorkiest family ever. You go to disney together and all dress up to ride Splash Mountain. Love it.

The comments on this are hilarious.