Sealed adoption records, secrets, and lies keep me from knowing my siblings and them from knowing I exist. My biological parents have a right to their privacy, meaning if they don't want a relationship with me fine, but NOT the right to lie to their children about my existence and request to know them!

Don't lie to alienate the first parents, or make-up what you don't know to be fact.

Infant adoption, don't fall for their lies

A lie is a lie is a lie. No child should hear lies about the other parent. It's shameless.

Seen this on an adoption f/b page & just had to post it...for all the lies they tell females to get their babies...

These kids look like my kids. I may never know what my four older siblings look like if they actually exist.

Distortion (of truth). Applies to the Adoption Industry and those who would keep us in the dark surrounded by untruths, lies, and secrets.

When a parent lies to a child...

When Adoption Was a Whisper. Adoption is where my heart lies....

Not that you lied to me, but that I no longer believe you, has shaken me. What Nietzsche actually said...

33 lies that parents tell kids!

Divorce. We know Santa doesn't exist, but we teach kid this lie. Imagine children praying to Santa, who we know is made up, but not praying to God (Jesus the Father) who we know is not.

When a HC parent can't win in court, they turn the kids into weapons against the other parent. Feeding them lies about the other parent and step parent in hopes that the kids won't want to be with the other parent. This is child abuse. Don't be that parent.

Parenting Advice

The mind. This is the coolest.


10 Ways to Love

Adoption: Who Am I? Adults deserve the right to obtain their Original Birth Certificate (OBC) In NY and many other States they are denied that Civil Liberty. Amended Birth Certificates are a lie. . . Some say adoptees are legally discriminated against. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

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SICKENING children and adoptees are NOT commodities!!!! And, women should NOT be forced to bear children for others selfish needs!