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  • Candace Altschul

    I still like a comment that a friend made about baby on board..."I don't really pay attention to the Baby on Board signs, but if they had a sign that read Caution: Sleep Deprived Mother Driving, then I would be sure to keep my distance." So true!

  • Kristin Glass

    I laugh every time I see "Baby On Board" signs on cars! Really?

  • Kristina Reyes-Davy

    Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: *Baby On Board* Oh really? Ok. I WAS going to ram into the back of your car, but now I won't.

  • Sydney Uphold

    funny stuff

  • Hannah Settell

    My thoughts exactly! I hate those things!!

  • Carolyn Boersma

    "'Baby on board?' Oh really? Okay, I WAS going to ram into the back of your car, but now I won't." ( I used to think the same thing back when you saw those signs all over the place!)

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My favorite one was when I drove my "Shoe Carnival" the other day and the "S" was out.

Whenever I lock up my car, I always press the button twice in a row to let all nearby thieves know I mean business.

What Is That All About omg this is actually true

Damnit. All this time I thought the mini was a great ride for a single mom w/2 kids. CRAP!!

Funny Confession Ecard: I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching my car into reverse and driving away from the accident.

I laughed so hard Oh my gosh @Tara Steinheiser @Rachel @Valerie Kristofic imagine charlie doing this

I don't have kids which may make this even more hysterical :)

I want to do this!! Lighten up people, we live in AMERICA!! It could be so much worse, count your blessings.

Reminds me of when we went to that Kenny Chesney concert at Soldiers Field... they were asking for trouble by asking us to finish our drinks before leaving the lot!!

Hahaha no signs of intelligent life anywhere...

everyone click on this link. i guarantee it will make you smile no matter what kind of day you're having