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How do you know if you're studying the degree that's right for you and your career? Tom shares his tips… #usq #career #inspiration

Haha, that's exactly how I feel about math!


A Little Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’

Dead Poet's Society- the writing advice I'll always treasure

from 9GAG

Don't you hate when this happens? I still don't understand.


The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English - Imgur. Very cool; need to memorize some of these to use as I speak with fellow human beings. It will be funny to confuse some of them because I haven't heard of some of these words myself LOL


A few minutes late to class…

A student walks into class late, while the teacher is giving a presentation creating disruption and awkwardness

from The Berry

Sunday brunch (60 photos)


The two largest pieces of the Universe that we know the least about, yet nothing less than the ultimate fate of the Universe will be determined by them. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss)


My moment of adventure…

Not really a nerdy thing, but I don't have a "humor" or "funny" bored. And, while the student may be thinking "I'm going on an adventure!" the teacher is thinking "Yay 5 minutes without the trouble maker!"

from BuzzFeed

21 Amazing Products Everyone Who Hates Everyone Needs To Own

Funny, but true