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Today on the Sock Journal, Dreamer Brenna continues her series on color, with a focus on shades of beige and tan. There are an awful lot of variations within this color family, which makes her comparison across brands really useful!

August is National Peach Month, and Dreamer Sabrina has written a Sock Journal that covers just about every facet of peachiness that could be translated into socks, from colors (including a recipe for your own peach dye) to that fuzzy peach texture! You can just about taste the summer!

This week's Latest News shines a spotlight on one of our newest suppliers, Wendy Costa!

Today's Sock Journal is bittersweet - on the one hand, Brenna is celebrating 5 years of journaling about socks with a roundup of some of her favorite posts! On the other hand, this is one of her last journals before she hands it off to some fresh new writers. Here's to Dreamer Brenna and five years of keeping socks fresh and exciting! Our new writers have some mighty big socks to fill, but we know they're up to the task.

Today we have a new Sock Journal from our new blogger, Lucy! 2015 is the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and she's celebrating with a roundup of Alice-themed socks and accessories! Enjoy!

Calling all space cadets! Today's blog features the vastness of our space-themed socks collection, as well as some useful tips for using our website's search bar! Just remember: in space, nobody can hear your squeals of excitement!

Check out the outtakes for the Sock'n'Roll themed shoot we did for our latest Bust ad!

Dreamer Brenna continues her series on color with one that might not have even occurred to you - white! It's kind of like a non-color, except when it comes to physical objects (such as socks) it definitely tends to have a warm or cool cast, which can make matching tricky. Luckily Brenna is here to show us which whites go together!

While last week's Sock Journal featured lightweight options for summer, this week's is all about staying psychologically cool, with aquatic colorways!

Here in Portland it's been an unusually warm year, and we're already getting weather in the 90s! Typically it's still raining at this time of year, but it's okay because Dreamer Brenna has our backs, legs. This week on the Sock Journal she brings us a roundup of styles for staying cool in the summer, because one needn't sacrifice style for comfort, or vice versa!

Today's Sock Journal is all about some of the hardest colors to edit for the web - neons! Dreamer Brenna has clever new ways of comparing neons, and looks at the brightest colors across brands!

This week Brenna categorizes our Critter Socks collection by habitat, with adorable results - she even threw in a couple of fantasy creatures!

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes all of those outdoorsy activities that we look forward to all year! This week on the Sock Journal, Brenna breaks down the various factors in finding your perfect socks for camping, cookouts and travel!

Our Latest News currently shines a spotlight on Zkano-- a company that shares our dream of socks without a lot of environmental impact!

The new Sock Journal is up, featuring our shortest socky styles for summer! There are more varieties of wee socklets than you might have guessed, but Dreamer Brenna is here to help you figure out which ones best suit your needs!

Mini Carrot Cakes from our favorite brunch spot - Waves of Grain! Click through to learn about their bakery, and how to get a special coupon from them for our Portland shop!

Today on The Sock Journal: what do we mean when we say a sock's material is "t-shirt like"? Find out here!

With Earth Day just around the corner, Dreamer Brenna has a very informative blog on our most eco-friendly socks, from organic cotton to recycled and renewable fibers. She even goes into some of the other ways we try to minimize our ecological footprint as a company. Learn more on the Sock Journal!

We recently brought in a new line of truly plus sized tights from the Big Tights Co, and this week's Latest News features some incredibly informative feedback from all of our wonderful models!

This week's Sock Journal continues our journey through the wide world of color with a look at one of the trickiest of shades - navy blue! This one is notoriously hard to match, but Brenna has provided some very handy comparison photos to help you with your shopping!

Today's Sock Journal is dedicated to the athletes in the audience -- presenting Socks For Running, just in time for marathon season!

Currently on the Sock Journal: Pastels! A comparison between tints and brands.

This week's blog honors the equinox with versatile layers for Spring! Be sure to take note of our lovely new spring fairies theme over on the site!

This week on the Sock Journal: Arm Warmers - A Disambiguation. Just what is a sleeve, vs an arm warmer, vs a fingerless glove? Find out here!

Today's Sock Journal is about bed socks and beyond - all of the best options for sleeping in! Did you know that you can adjust your entire body's temperature just by keeping your feet warmer or cooler while you sleep? If you can never get warm enough at night, socks could really make all the difference!