maskingtape indoor games -hopscotch, bulls-eye bowling, tic-tac-toe, guard the eggs, long jump, balance beam

target golf what a great indoor activity for kids!

Make a maze using painter's tape! It will keep the kiddos active & entertained for hours. (via A Magical Childhood)

Yarn and tape a hallway for a "laser obstacle course". That will keep 'em busy for a couple of hours. My boys will love this!

Balloon Tennis ~ Fun idea for a children's party.

This would be a great activity for an indoor recess. The children could make the ring and decide what the game rules are.

/mini-stilts made from cans... Love the elephant toes!

Indoor Foot Volleyball

Back yard games to make


32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius!

Waterblob, super easy and cheap to make. (Summer's coming - something to keep in mind)

Make a DIY masking tape speedway for your kids!

Fun fun

I saw a little girl playing with one of these in a restaurant for a long, long time! Her gramma brings it with her when she visits and changes it up everytime! Great idea!

cool ideas for homemade toys and activities

32 Ways Kids Can Go on Scavenger Hunts (both indoor and outdoor ideas)

Cabin Fever Cures: Indoor Games for Kids. Thanks for featuring two of our activities @Gilda Locicero Therapy

Days of winter weather can make kids stir-crazy. When cabin fever strikes, clear some floor space and roll out an indoor hopscotch mat. This ancient British game was used for military training exercises at the time of the Roman Empire; kids eventually became its most passionate devotees, because it's just plain fun.

Indoor Climbing Tree - my boy would love this!