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I'm glad that is bright red.  It'll be easier to spot when I post multiple times.  ;-)

New Story of My Life! Pinebriated: When you can’t remember if you’ve already pinned that. I've pinned the same thing more than once:)

Short people problems. Sad but true.

I have to have knee shorts or skirts. Pants look funny on me. They need short people pants.

She didnt choose the pinsta life. The pinsta life choose her lol.  O my the shit people talk through internet and you cant help but be sucked in.

I didnt choose the pinsta life. The pinsta life choose me.out of a sorting hat.and laughing "ehehehheeee"

hell yeah

That awkward moment when you are yelling at someone and you mess up a word. And it ruins the seriousness

Well-Played, Husband

Well-Played, Husband

Funny Memes: Now That’s Well Played Photos) . Last photo needs a wine rack there too :D

Moms are better.

She'd be "the Mom! and not only smarter than Dad . smarter than any of Dad's friends too!

A parenting book to help with my teenager! :)

Please Pass Me That Parenting Handbook I Need To Smack My Kid With It funny quotes quote kids jokes parents lol funny quote funny quotes children funny sayings parenting humor

I think lots of things while scrolling Pinterest, but I only comment if I have something nice to say :)

I would add: enough with the dumb weight loss/ working out pins. Please stop with the Jesus quotes. Yet another cute fall outfit with jeans, scarf and boots?