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    teamwork: good for beginning the school year -Physical Education and More

    Lay out all of the hula hoops so that they fill the space that you are playing in (i.e. gym or defined outside area) The object of the game is to constantly switch hula hoops with one other person, without having your hula hoop stolen by the Hunter Hawk.


    Gym Games - Hulahoop Madness

    Kindergarten PE game

    Physical Education and More: Responsible Personal and Social Behavior

    What a fun "first day of school" activity to try! Easy to set up--and I bet the students will LOVE it!

    Use one long piece of string and string 10-12 donuts through it. Have two adults hold each end of the string and hold it above the kids head. Space out the donuts and have the kids try eating the donuts with their hands behind their backs and using just their mouths.

    Party Game: Walk the plank. Can use blue balloons instead of water in pool

    Wipeout Birthday Party

    oh my wipeout!

    Use masking tape to outline several iceberg shapes on your classroom carpet. Play some music and ask your penguins to waddle over the iceberg shapes, hop on and off the iceberg shapes, and make swimming motions as they move through the water between and around the icebergs. When you stop the music, each penguin heads to the nearest iceberg and hops on! When you restart the music, another round of chilly play begins.

    Cooperative/Teamwork/Cardio - Hungry Hungry Hippos

    Team games for all ages --- Balloon relay

    monster bubbles 11 C water 4 C dish soap (not antibacterial) 1 C corn syrup

    Catch Me If You Can- players partner up & get a dodgeball per pair, while music is playing partners toss the ball back & forth, when music stops player with the ball chases their partner trying to tag them with the ball, when music starts players resume throwing (could this be played elimination style?)

    P.E. Games - Pacman

    Time for Max & Ollie to learn my favorite game! 12-essential-tennis-drills-for-beginners-and-kids

    Body alphabet

    PE Games: puppy tag, couch potato tag (quando ti viene data la frutta o la verdura, fai percorso motorio per portarla nel cestino giusto e poi risiedi), sink the ship, color game, star war, pop corn game, hungry hippos, aviator and many others. (ogni mese sulla dx ha tanti giochi). jump rope lesson. Very inspiring blog!!!

    Life Sized Angry Birds Game We were walking through Walmart when we saw some Angry Bird stuffed animal toys for sale. My wife and I looked at each other and said "we need to build a life sized Angry Birds Game". So, we bought some stuffed Angry Birds, some wood, various hardware, and rubber tubing and built a life sized Angry Bird Game. Could use with Parabola Lesson

    Fun activity for balance, eye hand coordination, shoulder ROM, motor planning etc

    Physical Education Games - Ollie Ollie Octopus (student stands in the middle and tries to tag other students...if tagged they join the octopus or wait to be untagged)