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Back to School with Newspaper Dancing: teaching personal space

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Each year you teach, students add their fingerprints in a new color! How colorful and beautiful will this be when you've been teaching for a long time!

How to teach kids to be good sports - blog post by Laura Candler with teaching tips for using math games in the classroom

GROUPS Acronym

Use permanent marker to write questions on a ball (soccer, beach, volleyball etc) for use in counseling.

Dodgeball Alternatives

Class roster on a lanyard; easy attendance in case of emergencies. Nice! {image only}

Favorite Physical Education Activities, Games and PE Warm ups For Elementary Students

Cooperative games - some great games that foster communication and teamwork.

pickles and ketchups—On Fridays, place them on the board. Anyone who has turned in all of their assignments is a “pickle” so write their name under the pickle sign. Anyone who is missing an assignment has their name placed under the ketchup bottle. Pickles can “pick” a fun game or activity, while “ketchups” catch up on missing work. It is amazing how quickly assignments come in!

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P.E. Games - Scavengers-Good Warm Up game

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This is a collection of PE games on Youtube made by a PE teacher! Visit the website for more videos.

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