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remember the story in Yaffa Eliach’s “Chassidic Tales of the Holocaust” of the Bluzhover Rebbe lighting the Chanukah light in Bergen Belsen. It was after a selection and the live skeletons gathered near the pile of newly massacred. The story, as the photo below, is testament to the strength of the human spirit and the strength of the Jewish people

Prewar portrait of two Belgian Jewish sisters who later were killed in Auschwitz. Linked is their story and the story of their sisters' survival in hiding at a Catholic convent.

Known as the Tower of Faces this three-story tower displays photographs from the Yaffa Eliach Shtetl Collection. Taken between 1890 and 1941 in Eishishok, a small town in what is now Lithuania, they describe a vibrant Jewish community that existed for 900 years. In 1941, an SS mobile killing squad entered the village and within two days massacred the entire Jewish population. At the Ntl. Holocaust Museum in DC. Incredible to see in person.

Felice Rahel Schragenheim was a Jewish resistance fighter during World War II. She is known for her tragic love story with Lilly Wust and death during a march from Gross-Rosen concentration camp to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany or, not later than, March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen.

"The heaviest weight of all: to see that no one needs me, to know, to think, I'll fade into nothingness like smoke." December 23, 1941. -- This was one of 57 poems written by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger during the Holocaust. Selma died of typhus at age 18 in 1942. Her words endure and we remember her. Read her moving story

Anne Frank a victim of the Jewish Holocaust, yet she lived with a beautiful heart and soul.

"March of the Living" People sit on the rail of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp, in Oswiecim, as they take part in the annual "March of the Living". The annual March of the Living, which commemorates the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, was launched in 1988, drawing thousands of people from around the world, including Jewish youths and elderly Holocaust survivors.

Helga Kann, little German Jewish girl. Photo taken before WW2, nothing else is known. She likely perished in the Holocaust.

Holocaust remembrance day.
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In Remembrance of the Holocaust

Holocaust remembrance day.