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Happy Chanukah by Center for Jewish History, NYC, via Flickr

chanukah images - Google Search

The History Place - Holocaust Timeline: Massacre at Babi Yar included this child.

chanukah images - Google Search

John Smith, Oldest living Indian age 131

  • Justina Blakeney

    Carol Fuller agreed

  • Beth H

    my great, great grandma was cherokee= 115 yrs

  • Tootie Thornton

    My great great mamaw was Cherokee on my moms see side. My great great maemae was chowtaw on my dads side

  • Peter Wade

    Old Wrinkled Skin. A Chippewa Chief who was probably more like 98 when he died in 1922 and it was said that his skin looked so old because of a childhood disease.

  • Karen Aaserud

    Just have to wonder?

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chanukah images - Google Search

My Soft Chanukah Deluxe Set -

Doodle Wrapping Paper For Chanukah - creativejewishmom...

Chanukah decoration from popsicle sticks (I think they must be tongue depressors, too big for popsicle sticks)

i remember watching this fall in 6th grade and realizing i was watching history unfold.

  • Melissa Dreyer

    MY family had just come back to the States from Berlin April 1989, never would have thought it would happen that soon after leaving, I would have loved to have been there and to walk across where we would wave to easterners but they were unable to wave or communicate back. I was 13 yrs old.

  • Saundra Huff

    Melissa Allen, no you wouldn't. I was stationed in Berlin working in USCOB when the wall went down. Before was a nightmare because we just didn't know what the Russians were going to do. Remember, we were in a free city but surrounded by communist. Then when it happened, one whole Russian troops went missing. Everyone was drunk, and it was no big thing to see a Russian tank driving over everything in it's way in the morning because the soldiers were coming home drunk.

  • Tracy Q

    Angela, because I feel like I know you from these comments I hope you don't mind if I follow you.

  • Jessie Carlson

    This isn't located in berlin, this is a portion of the Berlin Wall that resides in portland maine.

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Anne Frank. I just listened to a podcast on History Chicks about her life. I highly recommend.

  • Rick Gleason

    This is not Anne Frank. Possibly some one who portrayed her in a play or film, but it is not her.

  • Mary-Jane Cooper

    I can tell that she's an actress I think that she does have a resemblance to Anne Frank

  • Poetry Girl

    No it's not her. It's from the movie " Anne Frank The Full story." I just studied all of her life, if you have any more questions maybe i can help.

  • Grover Underwood

    For a minute I was like "That's not her, no!" But then I read the comments

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